List of the main products.

Crude oil (types):

UralsRead more (PDF) Azeri LightRead more (PDF) Urengoy Gas CondensateRead more (PDF)

Oil products (types):

Gasoil L-62 (0.05%, 0.1%, 0.2% Sulphur)Read more (PDF) Gasoil EN590 ULSD 10ppm SulphurRead more (PDF) Gasoline EN228 RON 95 UNL 10ppm SulphurRead more (PDF) Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Read more (PDF)

The Board of Directors of NK Rusneftekhim desided to establish a subsidiary in Austria. RNK Gas GmbH will operate in the natural gas sector, focusing on the marketing of natural gas reserves.


NK Rusneftekhim is finalizing deals for entering the South East European gas & oil retail market.


NK Rusneftekhim is accselerating its efforts for setting up the gas exploration in the joint venture in Central Russia.


NK Rusneftekhim conducts additional technical operations for developing its own gas & oil field in Yamalo - Nenetz Autonomous Region, West Siberia.