About the company

NK Rusneftekhim is an oil company with major business lines production and refining of hydrocarbons, trading with oil products.

Since its establishment NK Rusneftekhim achieved dynamic growth in acquiring various new assets in the oil market in Russia, former Soviet Union countries, Western Europe and Balkan peninsular.

Main priorities:

Exploration & Production segment
NK Rusneftekhim acquired 100% of the shares of NPK Resources Yamala. The company owns 9 deep wells on the Urengoyskoye field, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area (YaNAO) in West Siberia, Russia. As a part of a joint programme agreement with Gazprom and with the administration of YaNAO on exploration of Achimov deposits, NPK Resources Yamala exploited these wells for period of 3 years. Pilot production showed a sustained rate in the range of 600-3,200 boepd without additional production stimulation.

Produced natural gas and gas condensate per year:
2.6 million barrels oil equivalent of gas condensate.
1.1 billion cubic meters of natural gas


АО “НК Руснефтехим” не имела и не имеет никаких отношений с компанией “Руснефтехим Болканс”, Болгария.


АО “НК Руснефтехим” ведет свою деятельность на территории Российской Федерации, в настоящее время не имеет бизнес интересов и действующих проектов за пределами РФ.